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Q. Are there different types of ECP?
A. The Sexual Assault Care Centre currently prescribes two different types of ECP.  The first is called "Ovral" and the other "Plan B".

  • Ovral - Two tablets are taken as soon as possible and two more are taken 12 hours later.  Gravol is routinely prescribed to be taken with each dose of the medication as approximately half of women who take Ovral experience nausea.  Other possible side effects include spotting or bleeding from the vagina, cramping and diarrhoea.
  • Plan B - One tablet is taken as soon as possible and one tablet is taken 12 hours later.  Plan B may cause nausea, but less often because it does not contain estrogen.  Other side effects may include headache, and fatigue.

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12. I was raped on a date last night.  I don't remember when my last period was and I am really afraid I may get pregnant.  I am against abortions because of my religion.  Does the morning after pill cause an abortion?
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16. I heard that a pharmacist can give out the "morning after pill" but the pharmacist in my town says that he hasn't heard of this.  Is this only in the city?
17. Are there different types of ECP?

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