Program Dufferin County Sexual Assault / Domestic Violence Treatment Centre
Headwaters Health Care Centre
100 Rolling Hills Drive
Orangeville, Ontario
L9W 4X9
Location Intersection of Highway 9 and Highway 10 in Orangeville.
How to Contact Us
Phone   519-941-2702   ext. 2519, voicemail: 2255 
Counselling   519-940-1145    (children)
Crisis Line   519-941-4357    
Toll-Free   1-800-265-9178    
Fax   519-941-4707    
Our Hours
Emergency Service: 24 hours, 7 days a week through the Emergency Department.
Who We See
  • All ages, both genders who have experienced sexual assault or domestic violence.
What We Do
  • Access to crisis intervention through the Crisis Worker at Headwaters Health Care Centre.
  • Acute care and treatment through the emergency department.
  • Provide medication and treatment for effects of Sexual Assault / domestic violence including the collection of evidence and photo documentation.
  • Referrals for counselling to Family Transition Place for adult Sexual Assault / domestic violence.
  • Referrals to Dufferin Child and Family Services for paediatric counselling.
  • Social Worker will follow up with all individuals that present at the Centre.
Physical Access
  • Accessible for people with disablities.
Other Information
  • Assessment of counselling needs on site.
  • Off-site counselling.
Contact Person Heather Robinson, Program Coordinator

Last update May 2, 2012
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