What If I'm Pregnant?

Q. Can I tell if I'm pregnant?
A. Generally, it is impossible to tell if you are pregnant for several days after a sexual assault happens.
Q. What can I do if I'm worried about getting pregnant?
A. You should talk to a nurse or doctor about your concern.  You can get help at any Emergency Department or the Public Health Department. There is medication that can prevent a pregnancy from taking hold if taken within 72 hours.  This medication called the Emergency Contraceptive Pill or Morning After Pill, is safe for almost any woman to take.
Q. Can I get pregnant if I was having my period?
A. Getting pregnant when you are having your period is not common.  However, you can get pregnant at any time in the month.  This is especially true after an upsetting event like a sexual assault.
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Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Q. What is the chance of getting a sexually transmitted disease or infection?
A. There is a small chance that you could get a sexually transmitted disease (STD) if you have been sexually assaulted.  It is a good idea to talk to a doctor or go to an emergency department if you have been sexually assaulted, or feel you may be at risk for a sexually transmitted disease.  The doctor can give you specific medications that will help to prevent most sexually transmitted diseases or infections from occurring.
Q. Can I get AIDS from a sexual assault?
A. The risk of getting AIDS from a sexual assault is very low.  If you are worried about AIDS, you should discuss this with a doctor or nurse.  If there is reason to believe that you could be at risk, there is medication that can help prevent HIV/AIDS.  This medication should be taken as soon after the assault as possible.  Your doctor will know if this would be an option for you to consider.
Q. I was sexually assaulted and now see little bumps on my skin around the opening to the vagina.  What could that be?  Can it be from that guy?  What should I do?
A. Those little bumps could be an infection (a sexually transmitted disease).  You may want to talk to a nurse or doctor about your concerns.  A nurse or doctor at a Sexual Assault Care Centre, any hospital Emergency Department or Public Health Department can talk with you.  If you live in Ontario call the AIDS & Sexual Health InfoLine, 1-800-668-2437, for assistance and a list of safe places you could go.
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