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By taking a few minutes of your time to complete our questionnaire, you will make a difference.  Sharing a little information about yourself and what you think about the Sexual Assault Care Centre website will help us enhance the site for you and others that visit.  Your answers will not identify you.

In appreciation for your feedback, you have a chance to win a mouse pad with the sacc.to logo on it.   Every 500th entry will receive the gift.  If you would like to enter, just submit your e-mail address in the entry space provided at the bottom of this questionnaire.

Please Complete Our Short Questionnaire

  1. Is this your first visit to the sacc.to website?


   2. Are you male or female?
  3. What age group do you belong to?


  4a. Where do you live?

   In a city
   In a town
   In a rural area

  4b. Select your province if you live in Canada.

  4c. Select your home country.


  5. How did you learn about our website?
      (Check all that apply)

    Medical Clinic
    Social Service Agency
    Newspaper, Magazine, Radio, TV
    Mouse pad

  6. Why are you visiting our site?
      (Check the most appropriate answer)

    I'm looking for advice
    My friend was sexually assaulted
    I was sexually assaulted
    I'm doing a school assignment
    I'm just surfing
    I'm a professional seeking information
    I'm a parent seeking information

  7. What section did you find most helpful?


  8. Do you want to have the results of this questionnaire?


        If yes, please insert your e-mail address.

9. What is the likelihood of you to:

Definitely Likely If Appropriate Not Likely Never
Revisit us
Recommend us

10. Please rate our site on the following:

Excellent Good Average Poor
Home Page is Welcoming
Easy to Navigate
Current Information

11. Your opinion is important to us.
    Is there something else you would like to see on our website?
    Do you have any comments or suggestions?


To enter the mouse pad draw, put your e-mail address here.

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Thank you for completing our questionnaire!