Médailles et distinctions

University of Pennsylvania, Linguistic Data Consortium:  Research and language-related technology development  for Yoruba "About Us" Page March 10, 2006

Toronto Community Service Volunteers Awards 2003:  Community and public health service  December 2003

The Scarborough Hospital's Chairman's Award of Excellence, Community Division.  June 2001

The Tilley Tip of the Hat Award, CFRB Radio.  April 2000

Toronto Police Service Community Citation Award.  November 2000

Grands moments des medias

THE SOUTH ASIAN VOICE:  The Little Web That Could.  December 13, 2000.

MING PAO DAILY NEWS:  Students Have Designed Webpages That Help People Who are Sexually Asaulted.  November 30, 2000.

THE SCARBOROUGH MIRROR:  Sex Assault Web Site Earns Students Cop Kudos.  K. Thompson, November 24, 2000.

THE SCARBOROUGH MIRROR:  L'AM Students Keep Sex Abuse Site Online.  H. Higgs, June 14, 2000.

THE SCARBOROUGH MIRROR:  Hospital's Sex Assault Web Garners World-Wide Attention.  H. Higgs, May 3, 2000

DESI NEWS:  Site for Sore Eyes.  S. Easwar, March 2000

CORRIERE CANADESE TANDEM NEWS:  Making a Difference for Teenagers.  Rita Simonetta, March 10-17, 2000

DESI NEWS:  Hands that Rock the Cradle.  A. Shalda, March 2000

THE TORONTO STAR:  Anonymous Shoulder to Lean on.  K. Palmer, January 15, 2000

THE SOUTH ASIAN VOICE:  Hospital, Police and Students Launch Website to Tackle Tough Issue of Sexual Assault.  December 8, 1999

CENTINEL CENTENNIAL COLLEGE NEWSLETTER:  Students Help out at Sexual Care Centre  December 6, 1999

UTHAYAN:  Tamil Youth Who Brought Pride to the Eelam Tamils.  December 3, 1999

NET WORK NEWS:  SACC on the Web.  S. Broekstra, December 1999
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